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Share knowledge, engage innovation - connecty

An innovative world through knowledge economy is the first pair market dedicated to R&D using Blockchain Stellar. It works thanks to the Connecty token (CTY). A search engine optimizes the exchanges and makes it possible to get in contact with qualified interlocutors. Decentralized knowledge exchanges are secured, streamlined and simplified by Smart Contracts.

The Connecty Platform is the first Knowledge Marketplace powered with an Artificial Intelligence Engine matching a simple question with those having the answers.

short summary scheme about the exchange between Buyers and Sellers through Connecty

For everyone holding and seeking Knowledge, the platform offers a unique place to share, exchange and collaborate through an efficient token economy.


The Knowledge Market addresses the external Research and Development flows market. A global market for knowledge purchases worth 134 billion dollars in 2015, or on average 7% of annual Research and Development expenditure.

World R&D Expenditures 1 926 Billion $*
R&D Outsourcing 7%
Research and Development 7% arrow

World R&D Outsourcing 134 Billion $

Research and Development expenditure per continent in 2015 : 41 billion$ America, 33 billion$ Europe, 1.4 billion$ Africa, 3.4 billion$ Middle East, 56 billion$ Asia
* Last data available UNESCO 2015
R&D Expenditures Outsourcing per continent

The Benefits of Blockchain

The blockchain provides a secure environment for transactions and contracting. By this way, you can focuse on your needs, your research and your partnerships, rather than to bothering and complex administrative tasks.

Summary scheme on the role of connecty to create a smart contract between Innovator and Researcher exchanges by using blockChain tools
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Creation of a trusted secure environment as a knowledge and expertise place where the players of research and innovation can meet, share and discuss in broad daylight or under protection anonymity.

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Globalisation et decentralisation of the knowledge economy. Wherever you are, whoever you are, if you have knowledge or expertise that interest someone, you could value and share it.

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Fluidification of knowledge exchanges thanks to the possibility of microtransactions.

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Circular economy

Implementation of a circular economy centered on the knowledge economy and open innovation thanks to the introduction of a new currency only dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Our Blockchain and ICO Advisors

Julien BRODIER CTO Talium
Blockchain Expert
Mickael DAMOUR ICO Advisor
François DE CHEZELLES CEO Talium
Blockchain Expert
Nicolas Lemaitre Crytpo Consultant

Token CTY & ICO

Token Economics

Token name
Token type
Utility token
Token standard
Stellar token
Type of supply
Fixed supply
Total supply
1 Billion CTY
ICO price
0.01 €
Accepted currency
XLM, BTC, ETH & Fiat

ICO Bonus

Exclusive sale


Quantity available
40,000,000 CTY

Private sale


Quantity available
120,000,000 CTY



Quantity available
240,000,000 CTY

The token CTY is supported by the Stellar Blockchain. CTY is the Knowledge CryptoCurrency of the platform. It will be necessary to use CTY to buy services and knowledge on our Marketplace. During the ICO, the token will be directly delivered to the investors throught the SmartContract and they will be frozen until the end of the ICO. The token don't sold at the end of ICO will be kept as reserve. There won't be any new emission of token after the end of the ICO.

Token repartition & use of funds

pie chart representing Token repartition : 55% ICO sale, 15% Blue Horizon Reserve, 5% Early adopter-users, 5% Bounty, 9% Fondation Blue Horizon, 11% Team creators/advisors/external service provider/futur employees reserve.


Tokens sold to ICO are released at the end of the ICO for 25% of the investor portfolio. The rest is released at a rate of 25% (vesting) every 6 months. At 18 months, investors have 100% of their chips invested.


A token / burn destruction mechanism (the chips will disappear forever) will reduce the total supply in circulation. Thus, Connecty will devote 20% of its profits to the market and will destroy up to 50% of the total supply managed according to the terms defined in the white paper.

Use of funds raised

  • 30% for technical development of the platform
  • 30% for commercial development and marketing
  • 20% for research and development
  • 20% for support activities (legal, administrative aspects, ...)
pie chart representing the use of funds : 30% technical development, 30% commercial development, 20% research and development, 20% support activities